A paradise for all lovers of nature

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The Facilities of Mas de la Balma

The bar

The Mas (Catalan for farm) is the central point of the campsite.
Here you will find the reception, bar and terrace. Guests meet each other here over a cup of coffee or tea or a glass of limonade, beer * or fine wines from the region.

Camping shop

Every day you can order bread for the next day so you can have freshly baked bread or croissants for breakfast every day. *
In the shop at the Mas you can buy the most basic food products. Also regional products such as wines and honey are sold.

Eating and feasts

Every Sunday evening  a domestic caterer prepares Paella or Fideoda on a wood fire. *
A few times a week you can enjoy  enjoy a communal dinner in the Catalan style. *
A few times per season you can participate in the great feasts.

Toilets and washrooms

At the Mas, guests will find three toilets, three sinks and eight hot showers.
Elsewhere on the camping site two facility blocks each have two toilets, a washbasin and a refreshing, non heated, outdoor shower.

Other facilities

The campsite offers electricity supply at most pitches.
Besides several sinks for hand washing there are a washing-machine and a tumble dryer.
Your ice packs can be frozen at the bar.
Your meat, toppings, etc. can be kept in a refrigerator for guests.
Guests can use a landline telephone.
You are never far away from one of the many drinking water taps.
At the Mas you can use Wi-Fi.

* Not all facilities are running in the low seizoen or are not avalable every day.